Questions and Answers

Absolutely. We can provide home study, relinquishment, and post adoption services to fully facilitate this plan. Some adoptive families have established a relationship with a pregnant woman who is considering adoption for her unborn child. In these cases, the prospective adoptive parents and birth parents have formed a relationship without the assistance of an agency; however, an agency or agencies are needed in order to complete the adoption.

Prospective adoptive families in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Wyoming can work with CCAI to complete the requirements for adoption in their respective state of residence and choose an out-of-state placing agency that is responsible for the placement of the child. The out-of- state placement agency will often provide relinquishment counseling and assist the birth parents in choosing the “right family” for their child.

ICPC is the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, which is an agreement that controls the lawful movement of children from one state to another for purposes of adoption. If your child is born in another state, you must have an ICPC in place before you can leave that state to return home.

Yes, CCAI provides home study services for kinship adoption for families residing in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Wyoming.