Designated Adoption

Have you been chosen to adopt a child here in the United States?

A designated adoption recognizes the special relationship between adoptive and birth parents. The adoptive family and birth parents may have been brought together through a network of friends or family members, or through a licensed child placement agency. Regardless of the circumstances, the birth parents have formally signified their willingness for the adoptive family to parent their child.

In order to begin the adoption process, you must have an approved home study completed by a licensed adoption agency. CCAI is Hague-accredited and is licensed to provide adoption services in five states through it’s domestic adoption program, Adoption Partner. If you reside in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Wyoming Adoption Partner can provide you with the necessary home study to adopt a child, regardless of where that child was born or currently lives.

Additionally, Adoption Partner can provide you with the following services to assist you in your designated adoption:

  • Post Placement Services - – for adoptive families residing in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Wyoming, Adoption Partner can perform the necessary post placement visits and provide the written reports required to finalize the adoption.
  • ICPC Assistance - If the child you are adopting will be born or currently resides outside of your home state of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Wyoming, you will be required to complete important paperwork for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). This is a compact between the two states which gives permission for the child to legally travel across state lines. Adoption Partner assists with the completion of the required ICPC packet so you can bring your child home as quickly as possible!
  • Adoptive Parent Training - CCAI offers adoptive parent training classes. In person adoptive parent training is required for all prospective adoptive parents residing in Colorado. Online versions of these classes are also available online for all prospective adoptive parents in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Wyoming as well. These classes will provide you with valuable information about parenting a child who is adopted.